LUXE BB offers the opportunity to connect with the exclusive luxury market. Elevating quality-driven brands with our expertise from across the multifaceted luxury industry, services include content creation, consultancy and communications. Founded by Georgie Bentley-Buckle, who’s professional 360-degree approach achieved great success in luxury commutations and journalism, LUXE BB was established to bridge the gap between conceiving creative content withheld by a foundation of strategy.

LUXE BB wanted a smart and sleek website that was visually engaging and reflected the quality-driven brands that the company exclusively works with. The aim of the site surrounded a concept for simplicity so that users are easily and quickly able to work their way around and quickly gain an understanding of the range of communication centred services offered.

ClientGeorgie Bentley-Buckle
SkillsWeb Design


Will has been an integral support in the set-up of our business. From the creative visuals to advising us on the best technical strategies to follow, Will worked efficiently and quickly with us to ensure the best possible outcome, fixing and updating various elements throughout the process.

LuxeBB Portfolio Will Stogdale
Georgie Bentley-Buckle
LuxeBB, Founder